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Manual SPF Record Generator

With my App the SPF Record can be easy checked or generated.

Don't read big manuals about SPF record, just do it...

If you only have a few server with MX records for sending out your emails, the Simple Mode in my SPF Record Generator is the best for you.

Enter your domain name and just press generate.

Now send your creation per email to you and add it into the DNS server as TXT entry. You are done now.

You have an newsmail server?

Chose Expert Mode.

Just add it to Additonal IP and/or Additonal Names and press the plus in my SPF Generator tool. Do this for every server you want to use, bevore you press generate. Email it to you and copy/paste it to the DNS server.

You have a provider sending mails out for you?

No Problem, chose again Expert Mode in my SPF Generator.

Just add the name at outsourced Hosts and press the plus. Do this for every server your provider sending out emails for you, bevore you press generate.

Now easy send it to you via email and add it as TXT DNS entry.

You want to allow all server with your domain name?

For this I have the button Allow all domain servers, just activate it, bevore generation.

Find my app here:

Very Simple SPF Record Generator